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I am so thankful for the experience my daughter has at Bilingual Caterpillar. The teachers are so loving and caring and I really appreciate how hands on they are with my daughter. They provide so many wonderful activities and learning opportunities. When I pick my daughter up, she gets a big smile on her face to see me, but then quickly turns and runs away because she doesn't want to leave. That's a great feeling! - Jenny and John.


The welcoming atmosphere makes both parent and child feel comfortable while immersed in the Spanish language. Plus, the teachers have so much zeal for teaching...the excitement for Spanish is there every day. -The Garcia Family.


We couldn't be happier with the quality of care our daughter gets at Bilingual Caterpillar. It's amazing how fast she's picked up on counting and singing in Spanish for us at home. We love all the crafts, educational play and social development our daughter receives. She loves going everyday!- Nicole and Patrick.


Bilingual Caterpillar is the perfect place for our son. He beams with pride every time he shares his latest artistic master piece or teaches us a new word in Spanish. He is learning important social skills and building confidence and self esteem - all in a small and personal group setting. The children seem genuinely happy to be there and Monica and Yenny are wonderful. - Penelope and Stephen.


Claire has excelled at Bilingual Caterpillar. She has learned many Spanish words and equally important has learned how to relate to other children in a classroom environment. Miss Monica and Yenny are excellent instructors . They are firm and nurturing which are a perfect transition into preschool for our family. - Nick and Nicole.